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As new statistics reveal the impact of the coronavirus and self-isolation on people going missing, Missing People has issued a unique campaign appeal for information; through the now very familiar visual; a video conferencing call. 

While families and individuals are forced into lockdown and separated from loved ones due to the coronavirus pandemic, many of us have been able to keep in touch thanks to the mass adoption of online video conferencing.

For some families, the current situation is even more agonising and uncertain, if their loved one is one of the 186,000 children and adults that go missing in the UK every year.

The Missing People Conference Call image released today may look like a typical catch-up meeting between friends or colleagues, however everyone featured in the image is registered as missing. The public can help raise awareness by saving the wallpaper for their own zoom meetings.

Images have been provided with the permission of family members in the hope that someone, somewhere, may recognise a face or have information on that person’s whereabouts. Since lockdown, standard ways to publicise a missing person have been hampered, so the charity is turning to social media and new initiatives like this to drive public to its website. The launch comes ahead of Missing Children’s Day on the 25th May.

Those featured include Matthew Bone, aged 26 at the time of disappearance, last seen in Callow End, Worcestershire on March 9, 2018 and Georgina Gharsallah, aged 30 at the time of disappearance, who went missing from Worthing, Sussex in March 7, 2018.

Missing People hopes that over the course of the coming weeks and months, through public support, some of those currently on the Missing Conference Call image can be found safely and ‘leave the meeting’ to connect with their loved ones through the charity.

Karen Bone, mother of missing Matthew Bone said: “I support this initiative to raise awareness of Matt and the many people who go missing in the UK each year. The public can help widen the search by downloading the wallpaper, sharing missing appeals on social media and donating to the charity’s Covid-19 appeal.

Ahead of Missing Children’s Day (25th May) Missing People now has greater evidence of the impact of the pandemic on vulnerable children. The charity has seen changing use of services, with more children and young people seeking support through digital channels, and less seeking support over the phone.

In the weeks and months ahead, the charity expects the issues around Covid-19 to continue to result in young people thinking about leaving or going missing, and to exacerbate existing worries and problems they may have. They will continue to need support, and there is an expecation of continued increase in the use of digital channels to access help.

Chief Executive Jo Youle said: “Children and young people are telling us that the impact of the pandemic and lockdown is having a detrimental impact on their mental health and making them think about going missing. The charity is proud that through great adversity our essential 24/7 support remains open for these young people. However, without urgent support that long-term support is in doubt. We have had to reduce our income predictions by £500k – and for a smaller national charity that means many children may not get support they so desperately need.”

Donation to the Urgent Appeal here.


People featured on the Missing Conference Call:

Rory Johnson-Hatfield 

Rory went missing on a night out in York on 20th November 2015, aged 29.

Look at Rory Johnson-Hatfield's appeal

Finn Layland-Stratfield 

Finn went missing from Tintagel in North Cornwall on 8th July 2017, aged 17.

Look at Finn Layland-Stratfield's appeal

Matthew Bone 

Matt went missing from Waterloo, Hampshire on 9th March 2018, aged 26

Look at Matthew Bone's appeal

Anthony Stammers 

Anthony went missing from Colchester in Essex on 27th May 2012, aged 27

Look at Anthony Stammers' appeal

Chad Gibson 

Chad went missing from St Austell in Cornwall on 19th December 2015, aged 32

Look at Chad Gibson's appeal

Simon Hodgson-Greaves 

Simon has been missing from York since 21st December 2013. He was 48 years old at the time of his disappearance.

Look at Simon Hodgson-Greaves' appeal

Lee Boxell 

Lee went missing on from Sutton in Surrey on 10th September 1988, aged 15

Look at Lee Boxell's appeal

Damien Nettles 

Damien went missing from Cowes on the Isle of Wight on 2nd November 1996, aged 16

Look at Damien Nettles' appeal

Georgina Gharsallah 

Georgina went missing from Worthing in Sussex on 7th March 2018, aged 30

Look at Georgina Gharsallah's appeal


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