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We are all living in unprecedented and uncertain times. 

Covid-19 impacts every person, every community and every business across the UK.

At Missing People, we know that the impacts will be felt most by those who are already vulnerable. Children who are missing will have less support and protection. More adults facing mental health crisis could be anxious and see their only escape is to go missing. Their loved ones, many already feeling isolated by their loss, may now have new worries – from lack of social support, to the police’s ability to investigate the disappearance. 

One recent caller was so anxious about his diagnosis that he left home so as to protect others and ended up sleeping rough. We are hearing from people stranded abroad, and in the UK, who are unable to connect to families and let them know they are safe. We are navigating these new circumstances and under immense resource constraints. 

Missing People provides a vital free 24/7 service for people facing the worst moment in their lives. Their lives have just got harder. We estimate one million people are impacted each year. The need for help and support has never been greater. At Missing People the lights are always on; care and support being given day and night.

We need you to continue to share our appeals for vulnerable missing children and adults. We need your help to keep listening to the people who turn to our services in crisis.

The charity is one of a handful of essential services that provide a special Helpline, 116 000 assigned by Ofcom to indicate an important social value - protecting the wellbeing of people who are in great difficulty.

Providing support digitally 

In order to provide our 24/7 Helpline we urgently need a new digital phone system so our teams can work from home, following official advice. We had already begun this work before the pandemic, but now time is not on our side to do this and we are working around the clock. The benefit of the new system would be felt immediately and set us up for the future too. 

A donation of £15 today, could help us answer a call to a missing young person in crisis, who has no where else to turn to for support. 

We are doing everything possible to keep providing our Helpline whilst also protecting the amazing team of expert staff and volunteers on the frontline. 

We are already seeing the impact of coronavirus. We are supporting people affected with coronavirus who are incredibly vulnerable.

We don’t yet know the real impact that coronavirus will have. What we do know is that any increase in financial hardship, isolation and unsafe environments could lead to more people to consider going missing.

Your support is more vital than ever. 


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