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A lifeline when someone disappears

Whether you are missing yourself, or have been affected by the disappearance of a loved one, you can contact us whenever and however you want on our helpline 116 000.

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We are free, confidential and available 24/7.

Call or text 116 000


You can text us even if you have no credit left on your mobile phone.

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Confidentiality policy

Missing People is a confidential service and we cannot trace your calls. Find out what 'confidential' means.

116 000 is the number to call, text or email for advice, support and options if ...

If you've run away, been forced to leave home, are thinking about it or are worr...

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You might be reading this because you are missing – or have lost touch with so...

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Our helpline is free, confidential and available 24/7. If a friend or relative...

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There are lots of reasons why you might no longer be in contact like family issu...

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If your job involves working with people who may go missing or who are missing, ...

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Missing People is currently commissioned to conduct return home interviews with ...

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SafeCall is a scheduled telephone call to children who are referred to us by pro...

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