English Coalition for Runaway Children

The English Coalition for Runaway Children is a coalition of England-based organisations that work with children and young people who run away or go missing from home or care. It exists to ensure that these vulnerable members of our society are safeguarded from harm through effective policy and appropriate services at both national and local level.

Statutory guidance published by the Department for Education states that upon their return all missing children should "be offered an independent return interview. Independent return interviews provide an opportunity to uncover information that can help protect children from the risk of going missing again, from risks they may have been exposed to while missing or from risk factors in their home."

Delivery of these interviews is the responsibility of each individual local authority. This allows local authorities to ensure that they have a service in place that is approrpriate to the needs of children in their area, however, it also means that provision can be inconsistent and young people are faced with a 'postcode lottery' of services.

There is relatively little guidance on how return interviews should be delivered, and some research as well as anecdotal experience amongst ECRC members suggests that children in some areas are receiving poor quality, ineffective interviews.

The ECRC identified the need for more information about return interviews, particularly around what good practice looks like. Members worked collaboratively to develop a briefing based on their experience of delivering interviews to children and young people across the country.

We intend to use this document to campaign for improvements to stautory guidance.

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